Wildlife and nature photographer, Carol Norris was born in Wales and brought up in England. From an early age, her parents instilled in her a love of the beauty evident in the outdoors, through regular family vacations to some of the more idyllic parts of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Carol’s life followed a more conventional career path as a bank teller until she came to Canada in 1996. Shortly after she emigrated, she received a camera as a gift. With it, she could capture the images of wildlife and the outdoors that she loved, and this fueled her passion to excel as a photographer.

Encouraged by the positive feedback of family and friends for her photos, Carol started entering contests and won several awards in international photography competitions. She also won a grand prize, a cruise tour of Alaska, for her photograph of an Alaskan glacier in another photography competition. This tour was pivotal in her life. Read More >

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